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If you don’t want to or can’t enter your census online, just download ours  or any  Excel Spreadsheet Template– with the same information or  PDF then just email  or upload it to us.  Your email to us is secure & encrypted automatically as we use Paubox.  You will have your quotes & benefits within three business hours.

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We also have a secure form that you can send to each employee and have them  complete their dependent information, as ACA requires more information on dependents than before.  This form will then give you the information on an excel spreadsheet or we can load it right into our quote engine for you.  Just email  us – [email protected] and we will send you the secure link.

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Individual and Family Plan Health Insurance Quotes


Broker ONLY  How to upload census



3 comments on “Paper & Excel Census-Quote Form – California

  1. I am the Owner of a small construction company in California. We pay 100% of our Employees medical insurance coverage under our Aetna small group policy that we have had and renewed for about the last 8 years.

    We missed September’s monthly premium payment but sent in a double payment in October to which the payment never reached the company. Still in October we find out from one of our Employees that the medical insurance claim was denied when he went to the Doctors.

    We called our broker immediately and asked what was going on and this is when we found out they never received our double payment so we offered to cancel / stop payment on that check and simply pay in full over the phone. Well we have been battling for nearly 2 weeks and Aetna will not reinstate our policy.

    What are my options?

    I am on heart medication and need to get my prescriptions filled.

    My Employees need to be covered and I am rather upset with Aetna.

    Can I simply go out and obtain new coverage elsewhere?

    I don’t understand, I have money but they are not willing to take it.

    Any suggestions?

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