Self  Employed  and S Corp owners may deduct the  entire Health Insurance Premium
from Gross Income on line 16 schedule 1
of their   1040 Tax Return

This includes the:

  1. the owner – taxpayer,
  2. the owner’s – taxpayer’s spouse,
  3. the owner’s – taxpayer’s dependents, and‘
  4. any child (152(f)(1)) of the taxpayer who as of the end of the taxable year has not attained age 27. (HR 4872 – Obama Care  §162(l)(1)  §401(c)(1))

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Provided that:

You are not eligible to participate in any subsidized health plan maintained by any employer 26 USC 162 (I) (2) (b)

The insurance plan must be established under your business per IRS  Publication 535 pdf page 18   Take the deduction on line 29 of Form 1040.

For more clarification of what “under your business” means  – email us to discuss Tax Facts ONLINE – Subscription Question # 328

Obamacare Tax Subsidy?

If you receive Obamacare Tax Credits,


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IRS 8885 Health Coverage Tax Credit   A partner with net earnings from self-employment reported on line 15a of Schedule K–1 (Form 1065).
IRC Section 162 (l)

A shareholder owning more than 2% of the outstanding stock of an S corporation with wages from the corporation reported on Form W–2.

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Schedule C Profit or Loss from Business

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