Tax Guide for Small Business - Individuals who file Schedule C
Tax Guide for Small Business – Individuals who file Schedule C

What is the best way for a self employed owner
to get Group Health Insurance?

Self employed owners of a small business  must have at least one non spousal, w-2 employee to qualify as a group. This is because AB 1672 has been pre-empted by Health Care Reform and AB 1083.  To learn more click here for the new definition or  §10753  (q) (1).

The premiums for self employed are still deductible, line 29 of your 1040, learn more, just like Group Health Premiums under Section §106 IRC.

If you do have a non spousal employee on payroll, click here to get a quote.

If not, then coverage is STILL guaranteed issue with no pre-existing condition clause on an individual basis get FREE quotes & benefits by clicking here.

If your business isn’t as profitable as it should be, you can qualify for subsidies under Obamacare, it’s a function of MAGI – Modified Adjusted Gross Income, Line 37 on your 1040 tax return.  This is in addition

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Resources & Links

US News & World Report 11.28.2014 on advantages for self employed under Health Care Reform – Note though that in CA under AB 1672 – Self Employed could always get coverage!


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