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is now required of All Insurance Plans aetna.com/ to provide a standard format for easier understanding and comparison.  This document written in plain language will give you  clear, consistent and comparable information about your health plan benefits and coverage.  I will grant that the format is consistent, but I like the real company brochures better.   6.19.2015 Blog from Friendly competitor.

  Individual & Family

Small Employer Group

The SBC will summarize the key features of the plan or coverage, such as the covered benefits, cost-sharing provisions, and coverage limitations and exceptions.

Coverage Examples

The summary of benefits and coverage will include a new, standardized health plan comparison tool for consumers called “coverage examples,” much like the Nutrition Facts label required for packaged foods. The coverage examples would illustrate how a health insurance policy or plan would cover care for common benefits scenarios.

Uniform Glossary of Terms

Insurance companies and group health plans will be required to make available upon request a uniform glossary of terms commonly used in health insurance coverage such as “deductible” and “co-payment”.


Explanation of the rules and triggers.

Blue Cross Guide FAQ’s

Health Net Instructions

Aetna’s Explanation

Electronic Media Disclosure 29 CFR 2520.104 b

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Technical Links


Summary of Benefits and Coverage and Uniform Glossary

Regulations and Guidance

Templates, Instructions, and Related Materials

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are now as of 9.23.12 renewal/open enrollment

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