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VSP Dental
VSP Dental

VSP – Vision Service Plan

Blue Cross Group Plans

Blue Shield Group Vision

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Individual Plans - EmployEEs can get on their own
Individual Plans – EmployEEs can get on their own




Historical Information



GROUP Plans – Minimum 5 employees

One Page Summary of Rates and Benefits – this link might require a password

Employee Enrollment Form

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Kaiser Employer Group Vision Info. KP/2020

Vision Coverages
Vision Coverages
Eyewear 20% discount – see Kaiser Group Brochure

Blue Shield Website GROUP Vision


Individuals & Families

Vision Plan of American Logo
Vision Plan of America

 Individual DENTAL & VISION  Plans and Group Plans
Emerald Plan

VSP Individual Vision Brochure Excerpt
VSP info

Common Exclusion for Vision in Medical Insurance – excerpt from Blue Cross Group Brochure 4/2002  Page 13  – so IMHO MEDICAL Eye Problems would be covered

Vision Insurance Exclusions

Vision Informational Materials
Children’s Eye Health
Diabetes & the Effects on Your Vision
Importance of an Eye Exam
UV Awareness – The Damaging Effects of Ultraviolet Light on Your Eyes
Vision Care – Why It Is Important to Your Overall Health
Vision Q&A
Seeing Better is Living Better – How to get the most out of your vision benefit

Eye Health Videos
Eye Health Video's
More Video’s

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