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Medical Plans Overview

This is an HISTORICAL Page only.


United Health Care Product Catalog Rev 1.2018  *   11.2018   ** Reasons to choose UHC *  Rate Sheets 1.2019 *


Brochures & pdfs – many are just historical

Plan Mapping 1.2015 and Pre 2015 Plan Changes 

Full EOC for HMO plans 108 pages 2015

Underwriting Guidelines 2015

Webinars to learn about the tools that UHC provides to Employers.

See our current UHP Sales or Administrative Page

1.2017 Product Catalog   * Grid 2017

1.2016 Product Catalog

Underwriting Guidelines Rev. 4.2015 * 1.1.2017

Navigating your renewal kit  * Reminders

Mapping 2016 to 2017

Plan Benefit Changes 2016 to 2017

Benefit Summary Rate Filing

What do you value in a Health Plan Rev 3.2015

All Brochures

 UHC_eSERVICES_Rev11.10 r.pdf                                     
 Product Grid January 2016.pdf                                    
 Product Catalog 1.1.2016.pdf                                     
 Plan Code Mapping Jan 2016.pdf                                   
 Plan Benefit Changes Flyer (1.16).pdf                            
 New GAF Group Accceptance Form 2016.pdf                          
 Choice Simplified Flyer (1.16)names.of.plans.number.of.mds.pdf   
 Choice Simplified Flyer (1.16).pdf                               
 CA 1-100 Product Grid-2016.pdf                                   
 2016-product-grid-CA update.pdf

United Health Care Product Catalog * 2018 * 2019 *
United Health Care Product Catalog * 2018 * 2019 *

united advantage.com  for Top Producing Agents

7.2015 Product Catalog   ♦  Grid  ♦ Rate Guide

Underwriting Guidelines Rev. 4.2015

EmployER Administration Manual  Rev. 6.2010

E Services – At a Glance 2007

ONLINE Benefits Management

EmployEE Tools

Piece of Mind

New Features

How  to Print ID Cards

UHC.com / United Health  Care – Main Portal for Small Biz

Check out the Small Employer Group 2014 Product Catalog, enter your census here for a free quote and give us a call 310.519.1335

We are PacifiCare/UHC Authorized Agents – Brokers and are happy to help you obtain coverage at no additional charge to you. PacifiCare/UHC compensates us to help you. Click here for some of the many benefits that an agent/broker can provide to the public. . Over 65? UHP – AARP Secure Horizons

Employee Introduction Info – Open Enrollment

Check out the other flyers for 2014.

broker.checklist choice.simplified.flyermappingnavigation.renewal.kit product.gridproduct.positioningrate.guide underwriting.guidelineswhat.do.u.value.in.a.health.planFlyer 2014 Plans MUST cover Essential Benefits

Video on Multi-ChoiceSimplified Video
Each employee can pick their own plan. SAME cost to the Employer!
Defined Contribution

Instant EmployER Quotes

Section 125 POP plan = employee’s contributions are Tax Deductible.

PPACA Summary of Benefits & Procedures

Dental Vision

Provider – MD Finder (Instructions)

Member & Employer Resources



Early Renewal? Extend coverage beyond your normal renewal date and avoid the 1.1.2014 mandates or renewal. Contrast this with SHOP’s promise of 17% lower premiums.

Product Catalog



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