UHC United Health Care Small Employers
How to administer your benefits

For NEW business, see our main UHP page.

Renewal & Administration Tools
Be sure to see our webpage – showing the Websites that UHC offers to help Employers and Members.


Enrollment Options UHP

Three (Four) different ways to enroll new employees

4th way - just email us the application[email protected]

Enrollment Options UHP

Try this number too (800) 624-8822 

Employer Administration Guide 

Email us [email protected] to verify if it’s the most recent

Employer Administration Manual

Enter your census and get instant proposals for California – then email us [email protected] if you need additional information or to enroll
Enter your census and we will get right back to you with quotes

UHC Small Biz Site

Forms, plan summaries, etc.

uhc forms, portfolio etc

Welcome to the new site for California Small Business, now 1-100

UHC’s unique 1-50 and 51-99 portfolios have now been combined into one portfolio for small business 1-100. You will find summary of plans, programs information and necessary forms for quick viewing and easy download in this site.

UnitedHealthcare is committed to the broker distribution channel and we believe in cultivating relationships. 

Is your Family Protected with Life Insurance? Click here for Instant Quote
Is your Family Protected with Life Insurance? Click here for Instant Quote

Instant No Obligation Term Life Quotes

Click here to schedule a phone, Skype or face to face meeting

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  1. How do we terminate an employee? What COBRA or Cal COBRA forms do we have to give the former employee? Our group is under 20 lives.

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