Reasons to choose UHC

United Health Care Product Catalog * 2018 * 2019 *
United Health Care Product Catalog * 2018 * 2019 *


Click to view Video Explanation on Multi-Choice – Each employee can pick coverage for THEIR needs!

We are

PacifiCare/UHC Employer Group Health Plan Authorized Agents

Brokers and are happy to help you obtain coverage at no additional charge to you. PacifiCare/UHC   compensates us to help you.

Click here for some of the many benefits that an agent/broker  can provide to the public.

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United Health Care Product Catalog Rev 1.2018  *   11.2018   ** Reasons to choose UHC *  Rate Sheets 1.2019 *

 Resources & Links

What do you want in a health plan?

Section 125  POP plan = employee’s contributions are Tax Deductible.

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High Deductible Plan with HSA

General Information on HSA’s, tax law, etc.

Background, Financial & Mission Statement

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