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Anthem Blue Cross has chosen not to participate  in the SHOP Exchange according to the LA Times.    Dave Jones CA Insurance Commissioner asked that they not be in the exchange due to excessive rate increase as reported in the LA Times.

Blue Cross will be in the Individual Exchange.  Both exchanges allow you to use your own Agent at no extra fee!

I find a disconnect here as Health Care Reform mandates 80% of premiums be paid out in claims.     It’s the same MD’s and hospitals that the public and Insurance Companies are using, aren’t they?  Does Blue Cross have a better MD’s & Hospitals?   Here’s the provider lists.   Here’s information on the rising costs.

Even in 1993, we were shocked at Hospital Costs.

Insurance Consumers can get a lot of variety in Cal Choice, a private exchange operating for years.  CA had a similar exchange to the SHOP exchange called HIPC – Pac Advantage with 1992 Reforms – AB 1672?  that fell apart.

$64K Hospital Bill
Double Bypass & Aortic Valve Replacement
1993 Life Magazine archives
Nightline Transcript  11/12/1993

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