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Employers have been faced with the dilemma of double-digit rate increases on health plans. Until now, the  choices have been limited to:

  • Reducing your benefits so the premium reduces
  • Passing the extra cost to employees in the form of their payroll deductions
  • Eliminate the health plan completely

Well, none of these choices are acceptable…

So, take on the risk and responsibility of providing your Health Insurance benefits in a new way, which helps control cost but maintains great benefits.

  • Send your census  or enter online and loss history.
    High Deductible Plan Proposals
  • We will then get you a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) from an insurance carrier, with the benefits you want, so the plan works for you.
  • Call us at 310.519.1335 or email [email protected] for more information.

Ben-e-lect has been helping employers and employees get the most from their premium dollar since 1996.

Employment, Labor and Benefits Attorney Mintz Levine – on Low Cost MEC – Minimum Essential and MVP Minimum Value Plans

If you are a current client with another agent, please complete and return this Broker of Record letter,  call him or Customer Service @ (888) 886-7973

What is BEN-E-LECT —  brochure

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California Department of Insurance mandates that all Insurance Companies must allow “Wraps,” unless they file actuarial proof otherwise. (12/15/2010 Notice)

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Ben e lec logo self funding
Authorized Broker – No Extra Charge for our service and consultation
Why Ben E Lect works
Why the concept works
How Shared Funding Works - FAQ's 6 pages
How Shared Funding Works – FAQ’s 6 pages
Build a Program Minimum Value - Bronze - Minimum Essential - Preventative Care
Build a Program Minimum Value – Bronze – Minimum Essential – Preventative Care
Self Funding 101
Self Funding 101
Fully Insured vs Self Funded Costs
Fully Insured vs Self Funded Costs

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