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Pac Advantage
FORMER Authorized Sales Agent

Pac Advantage has CLOSED their doors as of 12/31/2006.

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60 Page Report on what the program was.

We will be happy to help you obtain replacement coverage.  Call or email us.

We are SORRY, but we are not Pac Advantages conservator or in ANY way connected with them.  We cannot help you with any past issues!

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Try contacting Blue Shield, Kaiser or Health Net DIRECTLY and see if they have your records.  DO NOT CONTACT US for old records.

Here’s a similar program – Cal Choice

Check out Blue Cross Choice which allows participation with Kaiser minimum 5 employees with Blue Cross


Historical Pac Advantage Forms Library

Pac Advantage

Pac Advantage History
Pac Advantage was created as part of the small business health insurance reforms enacted in California in 1992.

All plans available to small employers in California—both inside and outside Pac Advantage—are sold on a “guarantee issue basis.” That means employees and their dependents cannot be turned down for health insurance coverage because of health, age, occupation, or residence, provided their employer meets minimal participation requirements.

How Pac Advantage Works
Pac Advantage contracts with quality medical, dental, vision and chiropractic insurance plans to offer health insurance coverage to small businesses. By combining the purchasing power of thousands of small businesses throughout California, Pac Advantage permits small employers to offer their employees a wide choice of quality health insurance plans, full-service products, and affordable co-payment levels.