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There is no additional Charge for our services.  Health Net pays us.  Here’s the form to appoint us as your broker.

If there’s anything you need that’s not on this page, just email us [email protected] or post your question in the faq section below.

Broker Information Guide

Top Reasons for Employee Enrollment Delays   English

Employee Enrollment and Change Form (January 2019)   English    En Español (Spanish)

Renewal Election and Open Enrollment Medical Plan Change Request Form   January 2019

Open Enrollment Meeting Request Form   English

Underwriting Promotions   English

Enhanced Choice A

 English  06/26/19
Enhanced Choice B

 English   06/26/19


Commercial Sales Guidelines   English
Information for Small Business Groups   English

Group Administrator Registration Guide   English


Art Gallagher Health Care Reform FAQ's

Health Care Reform FAQ's

Health Care Reform Explained

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