Health Net Wellness Programs

Health & Wellness Overview – Brochure for Employers & Brokers 62 pages

Health Net Website  – Decision Power

Health & Wellness Brochure
Health & Wellness Brochure
Health Net Administrative Manual Page 62 on Health & Wellness  

Breaking News & Updates

Suicide Prevention

Cold or Flu – Webinar 9.16.2015

Annual Wellness Exam

My Strength – Mental Health for the Mind

Smoking and Tobacco Cessation

English 154kB   11/27/13

Español (Spanish) 154kB   11/27/13

Decision Power Employer Brochure

English 497kB   10/29/13

National Observances – for Employers

English 466kB   06/02/14

Wellness Online

English 310kB   12/17/12

Español (Spanish) 325kB   12/17/12

Wellness Webinar flyer – for Employers

English 243kB   06/02/14

Decision Power™ Healthy Discounts Member Flyer

English 311kB   03/30/12

Español (Spanish) 332kB   05/01/12

Decision Power™ Text4Baby Flyer & Press Release (ENG & SPN)

English 667kB   07/27/10

Promotional flyer and press releases for Health Net’s new “Text4Baby” program. This new service provides the expectant mother with 3 free text messages a week, providing helpful information throughout her pregnancy and for baby’s first year.

Decision Power™ Wellness Menu for Members

English 268kB   03/15/13

Español (Spanish) 284kB   11/06/13

Decision Power™ Member Brochure

English 1MB   09/25/12

Español (Spanish) 1.2MB   10/05/12

Asthma Emergency Card

English 31kB   04/13/10

Español (Spanish) 107kB   04/13/10

Consequences of Obesity

English 300kB   10/04/11

Español (Spanish) 287kB   05/01/12

Consequences of High Blood Pressure

English 206kB   10/04/11

Español (Spanish) 211kB   05/01/12

How Does Your FAT Stack Up?

English 213kB   05/01/12

How Does Your SALT Stack Up?

English 209kB   05/01/12

How Does Your SUGAR Stack Up?

English 402kB   05/01/12

Decision Power Ready to Lose Weight?

English 165kB   01/28/14

Español (Spanish) 158kB   02/13/14

My Blood Pressure Wallet Card

English 95kB   04/24/12

Español (Spanish) 109kB   04/24/12

Preventive Screening Guidelines

English 236kB   10/29/13

Español (Spanish) 479kB   10/29/13

Tips to Stop Smoking

English 346kB   08/13/12




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