Health Net is  excited to announce the expansion of Teladoc, a telehealth service, into their 2019 group coverage:

  • All small business group standard plans (excluding grandfathered plans).
  • Eligibility is upon 2019 group renewal or new sale effective date.

Why Teledoc?

Offers easy, early access to care

      Teladoc is a convenient resource when a member’s physician’s office is closed. Members can connect 24/7/365 to Teladoc doctors within minutes via phone, mobile app, web, or video.

·       Members can get answers to their health questions, get diagnoses, get medicines prescribed – and even get confidential mental health therapy.

·      Teladoc doctors can treat many non-emergency common illnesses, such as sinus problems, upper respiratory infections, allergies, bronchitis, pinkeye and sore throat.

Helps keep costs low

Teladoc is a great option to help employer groups and their employees with cost control. With most of our eligible coverage plans offering Teladoc at a $0 copayment,1  it’s an affordable alternative to facilities such as urgent care centers and emergency rooms.

1For HSA-compatible/HDHP plans, a deductible may apply based on coverage design.

Quality and performance


·       Is the nation’s leading provider of telehealth. Their 3,100 board-certified, state-licensed doctors and behavioral health specialists serve more than 40 million members on a single national platform.

·       Is NCQA-certified with national coverage in 50 states.

·      Promotes member engagement and utilization through ongoing educational communications.

Members can put Teladoc to use in 3 easy steps

1.     Register their account:

·        Download the mobile app, or

·        Visit, or

·        Call 1-800-Teladoc

2.    Provide their medical history so Teladoc doctors can make an accurate diagnosis.

3.     Request a visit via phone, mobile app or online.

A Teladoc doctor will then review their medical history, and contact them within minutes to help resolve their issue.



Introduction: “Working Mother”

Introduction: animation  its-allergy-season

Educational: animation

Mobile app demo


FAQ flyer – Eng   teladoc_faq




Medicare Covered Telehealth too

Medicare covers services like office visits, psychotherapy, consultations, and certain other medical or health services provided using an interactive, two-way telecommunications system (like real-time audio and video) by an eligible provider who isn’t at your location. These services are available in rural areas, under certain conditions, but only if you’re located at: a doctor’s office, hospital, critical access hospital, Rural Health Clinic, Federally Qualified Health Center, hospital-based dialysis facility, skilled nursing facility, or community mental health center. For most of these services, you’ll pay the same amount that you would if you got the services in person. Medicare & You

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