Health Net is  excited to announce the expansion of Teladoc, a telehealth service, into their 2019 group coverage:

  • All small business group standard plans (excluding grandfathered plans).
  • Eligibility is upon 2019 group renewal or new sale effective date.

Why Teledoc?

Offers easy, early access to care

      Teladoc is a convenient resource when a member’s physician’s office is closed. Members can connect 24/7/365 to Teladoc doctors within minutes via phone, mobile app, web, or video.

·       Members can get answers to their health questions, get diagnoses, get medicines prescribed – and even get confidential mental health therapy.

·      Teladoc doctors can treat many non-emergency common illnesses, such as sinus problems, upper respiratory infections, allergies, bronchitis, pinkeye and sore throat.

Helps keep costs low

Teladoc is a great option to help employer groups and their employees with cost control. With most of our eligible coverage plans offering Teladoc at a $0 copayment,1  it’s an affordable alternative to facilities such as urgent care centers and emergency rooms.

1For HSA-compatible/HDHP plans, a deductible may apply based on coverage design.

Quality and performance


·       Is the nation’s leading provider of telehealth. Their 3,100 board-certified, state-licensed doctors and behavioral health specialists serve more than 40 million members on a single national platform.

·       Is NCQA-certified with national coverage in 50 states.

·      Promotes member engagement and utilization through ongoing educational communications.

Members can put Teladoc to use in 3 easy steps

1.     Register their account:

·        Download the mobile app, or

·        Visit, or

·        Call 1-800-Teladoc

2.    Provide their medical history so Teladoc doctors can make an accurate diagnosis.

3.     Request a visit via phone, mobile app or online.

A Teladoc doctor will then review their medical history, and contact them within minutes to help resolve their issue.



Introduction: “Working Mother”

Introduction: animation  its-allergy-season

Educational: animation

Mobile app demo


FAQ flyer – Eng   teladoc_faq




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