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Online Billing and Enrollment Tools   Understanding your billing statement


Broker Information Guide

Employer Health Care Reform Guide

Top Reasons for Employee Enrollment Delays   English

Employee Enrollment and Change Form (January 2019)   English    En Español (Spanish)

Renewal Election and Open Enrollment Medical Plan Change Request Form   January 2019

Open Enrollment Meeting Request Form   English

Underwriting Promotions   English

Enhanced Choice A

 English  06/26/19
Enhanced Choice B

 English   06/26/19


Commercial Sales Guidelines   English
Information for Small Business Groups   English

Group Administrator Registration Guide   English

Employer Online Billing and Enrollment Brochure   English



Health & Wellness Overview – Brochure for Employers & Brokers 62 pages

Health Net Website  – Decision Power


Ensure Your Employees Understand Their Health Care

Preventive Care Services Overview (ACA Non-Grandfathered Plans)

En Español (Spanish)


Teladoc (Telehealth) Introductory Flyer

Teladoc (Telehealth) FAQs


 En Español (Spanish) 627kB   01/14/19
Active&Fit Direct Member Flyer

 English 1.7MB   11/16/18

 En Español (Spanish) 1.7MB   11/16/18


MinuteClinic Brochure

 English 751kB   03/26/19


ER vs. Urgent Care

 English/Spanish 150kB   08/14/17
Employer Welcome Guide

 English 3.1MB   11/14/18


Decision Power™ Member Brochure

 English 1.2MB   09/13/18

 En Español (Spanish) 1.2MB   09/13/18
Wellness Online

 English 654kB   03/26/19

 En Español (Spanish) 610kB   05/15/18
Wellness Incentive Member Brochure and FAQ

 English 1.3MB   10/04/18

 En Español (Spanish) 3.1MB   10/04/18
Healthy Discounts Member Flyer

 English 846kB   03/04/19

 En Español (Spanish) 841kB   03/04/19
myStrength Program Flyer

 English 864kB   09/13/18

 En Español (Spanish) 879kB   09/13/18
Health Coaching Program Flyer

 English 553kB   09/13/18
Smoking and Tobacco Cessation

 English 563kB   09/13/18

 En Español (Spanish) 541kB   09/13/18
Tips to Stop Smoking

 English 121kB   10/04/18

 En Español (Spanish) 143kB   10/04/18
Decision Power Ready to Lose Weight?

 English 560kB   09/13/18

 En Español (Spanish) 560kB   09/13/18
Preventive Screening Guidelines – Web PDF only

 English 204kB   09/13/18

 En Español (Spanish) 150kB   09/13/18
Text4Baby Flyer – PDF Only

 English 112kB   04/29/16

 En Español (Spanish) 118kB   06/22/16


Decision Power Employer/Broker Toolkit

 English 575kB   05/15/18
Wellness Incentive Broker Flyer

 English 204kB   09/13/18
Wellness Incentive Employer FAQ

 English 167kB   09/13/18
National Observances Calendar for Employers

 English 206kB   12/27/18
Wellness Webinar flyer for Employers

 English 64kB   12/27/18
Wellness Seminars Menu

 English 253kB   09/13/18


Breaking News & Updates

Suicide Prevention

Cold or Flu – Webinar 9.16.2015

Annual Wellness Exam

My Strength – Mental Health for the Mind

Smoking and Tobacco Cessation

English 154kB   11/27/13

Español (Spanish) 154kB   11/27/13

Decision Power Employer Brochure

English 497kB   10/29/13

National Observances – for Employers

English 466kB   06/02/14

Wellness Online

English 310kB   12/17/12

Español (Spanish) 325kB   12/17/12

Wellness Webinar flyer – for Employers

English 243kB   06/02/14

Decision Power™ Healthy Discounts Member Flyer

English 311kB   03/30/12

Español (Spanish) 332kB   05/01/12

Decision Power™ Text4Baby Flyer & Press Release (ENG & SPN)

English 667kB   07/27/10

Promotional flyer and press releases for Health Net’s new “Text4Baby” program. This new service provides the expectant mother with 3 free text messages a week, providing helpful information throughout her pregnancy and for baby’s first year.

Decision Power™ Wellness Menu for Members

English 268kB   03/15/13

Español (Spanish) 284kB   11/06/13

Decision Power™ Member Brochure

English 1MB   09/25/12

Español (Spanish) 1.2MB   10/05/12

Asthma Emergency Card

English 31kB   04/13/10

Español (Spanish) 107kB   04/13/10

Consequences of Obesity

English 300kB   10/04/11

Español (Spanish) 287kB   05/01/12

Consequences of High Blood Pressure

English 206kB   10/04/11

Español (Spanish) 211kB   05/01/12

How Does Your FAT Stack Up?

English 213kB   05/01/12

How Does Your SALT Stack Up?

English 209kB   05/01/12

How Does Your SUGAR Stack Up?

English 402kB   05/01/12

Decision Power Ready to Lose Weight?

English 165kB   01/28/14

Español (Spanish) 158kB   02/13/14

My Blood Pressure Wallet Card

English 95kB   04/24/12

Español (Spanish) 109kB   04/24/12

Preventive Screening Guidelines

English 236kB   10/29/13

Español (Spanish) 479kB   10/29/13

Tips to Stop Smoking

English 346kB   08/13/12


Enrollment Forms 

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Pro Apply

Pro Apply

ONLINE Enrollment Tools - Instructions
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Pro Apply_Intake Form
User Guide_Pro Enroll_Broker

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