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Understanding our networks We have a variety of networks to choose from that fits your clients’ needs. Learn more about our networks.
Network Guide  January 1, 2018 A guide to help you understand and compare our provider networks.  
Trio Network Guide  
Trio HMO brochure  
Trio Qualification Tool flier  and link to Trio Qualification Tool.  
Shield Concierge for Trio plans  
Easy steps to print or order your ID card  
Online and mobile tools  
Find a Doctor  
Access to Care  
Teladoc Learn more about Teladoc’s U.S. board-certified doctors, available 24/7/365 for non-emergency issues through phone or video consults. Teladoc is included in all Small Business plans upon renewal in 2017.


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Top 5 - 10 causes of Long Term Disability Claims 

Lower back disorders  ♦   Depression  ♦ Coronary heart disease, arthritis and pulmonary diseases  (Met Life♦  Disability Can Happen    CDC Statistics

Top 5 causes of Disabilty

Click here to visit our website on Disability Payments - Insurance 

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