What is the simplest, easiest way to get onto my New Employers Group Health Coverage?

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Please see our administrative page.

Complete and send us an Employee Application  and Health Statement*

How do I know how much my premium contribution will be?

Send us your Census information and we can send you an “Employee Worksheet” showing your contribution and all plans available to you.

Group Census
Sample Worksheet

More Options

Please double check with your Employer if Group Dental, Life and Vision Coverage is being offered.  We can get you the pricing on that too.  If not, Individual Dental, vision and Life Coverage are available.

Where can I get details of what each plan covers?

Do I have to tell Blue Shield what MD I want to use?

Yes, if you are selecting an HMO plan.

Blue Shield Provider and Doctor Finder
Blue Shield MD & Hospital Finder

If my Employer has a POP Section 125 Plan, does that make my portion of the Premium pre tax?

Any Other pointers, you can give me?

• Use black or blue ink and print clearly and legibly.
• Include your Small Group number at the top of the application.
• Make sure all required areas of the form are completed.
• If an HMO plan is selected, a primary medical group (PMG) or independent practice association (IPA) and office number are required.
• If Dental Net is selected, a dental office and office number must be selected.
• All information in section 3 must be completed.
• Social Security or ID number(s) are required.
• The employee must either enroll or decline coverage for all eligible dependents.
• Information on previous coverage is critical; be sure to submit proof of prior coverage (if applicable) and provide a copy of a Medicare ID card (if applicable).
• The last page of the application must be signed and dated by the employee.
• Employees who request life insurance must name a beneficiary.
• Incomplete applications may be returned, which will delay the coverage effective date.
(Blue Cross Adm. Manual Page 17)

Where can I get exact details on the rules to enroll?

What about late enrollees, Open Enrollment, Special Enrollment?

Group Administrator Manual
Blue Shield Adm Manual

What if I want coverage NOW, without waiting for my completion of the Probation (Waiting) Period?

COBRA from a prior employer?

Short Term – Temporary Plans

I have a pre-existing condition, what happens?

Why do premiums keep increasing?

Blue Shield General Info

Your Employer may email us and get the password into our quote engine, or one can get a rough idea from the SAMPLE Group.

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*Health Questions are only to determine the Final Premium Rate RAF.  All employees are guaranteed issue under AB 1672.