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Find EOC’s – Evidence of Coverage for Employee Distribution  

eligibility support line at 800-303-5921  

Producer Connection:


For All Renewal Forms and Benefit Summaries.

GROUP SERVICES: Confirm Member Enrollment and Terminations Phone – 800-325-5166, option 1 Producer’s Online Client List:

SUBMITTING GROUP CHANGES/REQUEST FOR CHANGE FORMS: Fax – 209-367-6603 (please retain your fax confirmation) EMAIL: [email protected]


BILLING QUESTIONS? Phone – 800-325-5166

groups 1-100, Group Employer Services: (800) 325-5166
View a Quick Reference Guide


CLAIMS AND BENEFIT QUESTIONS: PPO DMHC Plans – 800-200-3242 HMO/POS – 800-424-6521


Cal – COBRA: Phone – 800-228-9474.


Enrollment Forms 

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Forms are in Alphabetical Order by Insurance Company


Pro Apply

Pro Apply

ONLINE Enrollment Tools - Instructions

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PRO Apply: Flyer (PDF)

10 Reasons to Use PRO Apply: Flyer (PDF)

User Guides

PRO Apply: Quick Guide (PDF)

PRO Apply Intake Form (PDF)

PRO Apply User Guide: Employer (PDF)

PRO Apply User Guide: Employee (PDF)

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    • Blue Shield of California will be sending rebates to 40,000 small group plan holders. The MLR Medical Loss Ratio for small groups insured by Blue Shield was 79.7%. Because Blue Shield missed the 80% target by 0.3%, it will refund 0.3% of the total health plan premiums paid by the employer and employees in those plans.

      The following subscribers and employer groups will not receive 2018 plan year rebates, since Blue Shield met or exceeded the MLR targets for those health plans.

      Individual and Family members with Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company (Blue Shield Life) and Blue Shield plans
      Small businesses with Blue Shield Life
      Large groups with Blue Shield Life and Blue Shield plans


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