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Blue Shield is a great company for your employees health insurance needs.   We are Blue Shield Employer Group Authorized Agents and are happy to help you get coverage at no extra charge to you, as  Blue Shield  pays  us to help you.

Blue Shield 2020 Small Biz Package 

COVID 19 Coverage

Trio ACO  HMO 4 page pdf

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Network Guide

2020 Plan Documents

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Trio and Tandem benefits

Regardless of which plan is chosen, employees can count on:

• $0 Teladoc visits
• $0 cost share for the first HealTM on-demand visit, with $0 prescription delivery
Healthy Savings® grocery discount program at no extra cost
Shield Concierge – a personalized and coordinated customer care assistant equipped to help make any plan transition seamless

Call 310.519.1335 or email us [email protected]  to discuss further.

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Pro Apply

Pro Apply

ONLINE Enrollment Tools - Instructions

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PRO Apply: Flyer (PDF)

10 Reasons to Use PRO Apply: Flyer (PDF)

User Guides

PRO Apply: Quick Guide (PDF)

PRO Apply Intake Form (PDF)

PRO Apply User Guide: Employer (PDF)

PRO Apply User Guide: Employee (PDF)

Blue Shield Wellness Website

Whether it’s preventive care or discounts on alternative care, learn how to make the most of your plan with the health and wellness tools and programs that can help you stay healthy.

Technical & Research Links

List Billing of Individual Plans is again available! HISTORICAL – ACA doesn’t allow Groups to use individual plans Broker Blast 11.18.2015

More on financials & Mission Statement on our Individual Site

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Medical Loss Ratio – The LA Times reports on 8.5.2015 that Blue Shield will pay out $83 million for 2014 an average of $136/policy holder and $21 million to 19,000 small employers, about $1,000.

Blue Shield Health Reform Site   Speak to a licensed doctor by web, phone or mobile app in under 10 minutes

Group Life Insurance 

Blue Shield Financial Strength

More on our Individual Website

Preventative Care

Wellness Programs

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