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Small Group Dental Metallic PPO Convenience, Choice, Savings

Annual Maximum Carry-Over

Carry-over: an annual opportunity for members to carry-over a portion of their annual maximum from one year to the next if their annual dental claims are less than the amount specified in their plan

Metallic Matrix Gold, Silver, Bronze & Platinum Plans

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Online Video Dental Guide demo

Online Dental Video Demo

shows  the various online tools Anthem Specialty Benefits Website The video gives an overview of five key areas:

  • Benefit details – shows how to order a replacement ID card and view current dental claims
  • Dentist Search – shows how to find a network dentist using our online Provider Finder tool
  • Dental Cost Estimator – shows about how much a service will cost, whether it’s performed by a dentist in the plan or out of the plan
  • Ask a Hygienist – shows how to email a hygienist and get a response within 24 hours, also has links to helpful dental health articles
  • Dental Health Assessment – shows members how to complete a short questionnaire and get immediate results about the health of their teeth and gums, as well as their oral cancer risk

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Pro Apply

ONLINE Enrollment Tools - Instructions
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Dental For Everyone,
has an excellent  website with full brochures, online quoting and enrollment

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Try Dental for Everyone if your Employer Group doesn't or won't offer a plan.  Employees can go direct and get coverage here!

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