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Blue Cross Small Group Guide 2015

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Anthem Blue Cross 2019 Small Employer Product Guide

Small Group Rates

Rate Guide for plans effective 1/1/2018

Rate Guide for plans effective 4/1/2018

The 2017 Small Group Guide, along with other helpful 2017 materials, can be found on Easy Renew.

Anthem Blue Cross Small Group Guide 2018
Anthem Blue Cross Small Group Guide 2018


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2014 Small Group Guide 
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Plan Benefit Summaries  2014 as a brochure

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ACA Plan Summaries 2015: ca.sgplans.anthem.com/#

ACA Plan Summaries 2016: plan-summaries.anthem.com/sobdps/

ACE Plan Comparison Old Plan to New Plan or among new plans Tool: www.anthemplancomparison.com/ca

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Summary of Benefits Explanation ♦  fact sheet –

Please view the other pages on our website, using the menu above,  showing the benefits of a health plan for yourself and employees.  Like the Full Tax Deduction under Section 106 and retaining the best employees, keeping them healthy (presenteeism) to help you in your business.

DirectAccess (PPO) — Allows members to go directly to any in-network provider. There is no need to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) or get a referral to see other doctors.

Guided Access (HMO) — Requires members to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP); a referral is required to see other doctors.

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Federal Mandated  Summaries SBC Be careful on selecting the search criteria
Summary of Benefits Explanation   fact sheet –


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2013 Information

Employee Elect Rev 7.2013 (44 Pages)   Provider  Finder     Instructions for Grandfathered or 2013 plans

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ANY Blue Cross Small  Group   Plan

Summary of Features

2 page Matrix

Early Renewal – (Plan Anniversary)   Opt in Form  FAQ’s Rev 6.2013  10.2013 FAQ Update   Potential Impact of Obamacare on Premiums New Definition of Employer – just about eliminates Self Employed…   –   Take more time to check out the Options under Health Care Reform

  • Keep your current medical plans and benefits until later into 2014.
  • Lock in new rates on those plans for a full 12-months.
  • Get additional time to evaluate your coverage options under the new PPACA guidelines.


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Benefits Brochure
Benefits Brochure
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Blue Cross Benefits

 is a new Simple Way to provide Medical Coverage for  2 – 50 employees.  This is a new plan for businesses wanting affordable plans and easy eligibility. With five targeted plans priced right for cost-sensitive businesses, employer contributions as low as 25% or $50, and participation requirements as low as 60%.  BeneFits can help you offer health coverage for the first time or continue offering coverage in a time of rising costs

Employee Choice 5 + Employees
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along with another carrier’s HMO

Blue Cross Small Group Customer Service (800) 627-8797.
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Benefits of a Group Health Plan Video

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