Group Aadministrative Manual 2017
Group Administrative Manual 2017

Blue Cross Small Group Administration, Renewal & Wellness Tools

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Easy Renew your Group Coverage

The 2017 Small Group Guide, along with other helpful 2017 materials, can be found on Easy Renew.

Plan Comparison Tool – Prior to ACA Compliant

Blue Cross Small Group Customer Service (800) 627-8797.

Other Customer Service Contact Info

Website Tech Support  888.268.4361



More * Renewal Siteforms on Blue Cross Website


Off Anniversary Changes

Main Blue Cross & Related Pages

Network PPO HMO Definitions

2017 Forms  – Underwriting – Check List – Etc

Wellness & Preventative Care Tools

Making Health Reform – View Plan Options

Find a Doctor, Hospital and other Providers

MORE INFORMATION on Provider Network, Names & how to select & find a provider.


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