Blue Cross Employer Portal Demo
Blue Cross Employer Portal Demo
Group Aadministrative Manual 2017
Group Administrative Manual 2017

Blue Cross Small Group Administration, Renewal & Wellness Tools

Easy Renew your Group Coverage

Employer Portal

Video Demo
ER Access – Power Point Demo

EmployerAccess User Manual
EmployerAccess Small Group Self Registration Guide
CA Employer Access Quick Reference Guide

Getting the most from your benefits

NO MORE PAPER BILLS, unless you opt out.

Plan Comparison Tool – Prior to ACA Compliant

making healthcare reform

E Submit     A new & faster way for groups & brokers to submit applications, changes, and terms to enrollment

Find a Doctor, Hospital and other Providers

MORE INFORMATION on Provider Network, Names & how to select & find a provider.

2016 Group Administrative Manual


More forms on Blue Cross Website

2017 Forms  – Underwriting – Check List – Etc

Off Anniversary Changes

Mapping – Pre ACA plans to ACA complaint Rev 4.2015  5 Pages

Common Forms   Claim Form

2016 Forms – Historical?  Double Check

Custodial Parent Verification Form AB 2130 Family Law Code 3751.5

Get a  new  “Temporary ID Card”  by calling or emailing us

Group Administrator Manual Employee Elect Use the Search Feature (Click on the binoculars)  RENEWAL  of your Group Anthem Blue Cross Coverage

Rx – Prescriptions Formulary Search CA Select  –     Listings

Blue Cross Find YOUR SBC  Summary of Benefits

or try the Easy Renew Tool

or this newer SBC site on BC Website

♦  Summary of Benefits – General Explanations

♦   fact sheet

Wellpoint – Ethical Standards

Wikipedia on BS/BC

Pre Service Review – Utilization – National Imaging Associates

Misc. Stuff

Do you cover emergency care?

Out of Area?  Blue Card Information What do I do if I need care while traveling?

Rate Filing 7.2012

WellPoint, Inc. Code of Conduct


Anthem Resources for Brokers & Clients


Forms, Benefits, UW Guidelines, Group Manuals, etc:


ACA Plan Summaries 2015:

ACA Plan Summaries 2016:

ACE Plan Comparison Tool:

Select Rx Formulary List:


Employer Access:

ACA Group Enrollment & Billing: (855) 854-1429

ACA Group Enrollment & Billing Fax: (855) 750-2227

ACA Group Enrollment & Billing email: [email protected]

Main Blue Cross & Related Pages

Network PPO HMO Definitions

Wellness & Preventative Care Tools

Making Health Reform – View Plan Options

2016 Blue Cross Administrative Manual

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