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Employer Small Group Guide 2017

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7 comments on “Blue Cross – Anthem

  1. Thanks for your efforts, you are top notch at what you do.

    I was so amazed at how much you know about your industry, how efficient you are and how you handled all my needs with a smile and such a caring attitude!

    You didn’t create any extra stress during one of the worst periods of my life.

    Lots of blessings of success to you Steve and the strength to care about the people around you.

  2. Hi Steve.

    1 Our employees are now requesting health insurance since they are being hit hard on their taxes with the health insurance penalty.

    2 I believe we have four or five employees that are interested.

    3 Please send me some quotes and options.

    4 We would like to pay a small part of their insurance but we do not want to pay for all of it.

    Thank you.


    • 1 & 2 To do a group plan we’re going to need say 75% of your total employees so it’s a function of how many total do you have as to if 4 or 5. of them being in OK. Learn more in the Blue Cross brochure page 14 and on our participation page.

      Open enrollment is over so they can’t get individual plans. Group plans can be enrolled all the time so we could set some up for you for you really rush April 1 otherwise May 1

      3 Quotes are a function of your employees ages and their dependent status so here’s the link and either use the Excel spreadsheet or you can enter the ages dates of birth and ZIP Code’s right online.

      4 Generally 50% of the employee premium will do it. We might be able to get by with maybe $100 per employee. See our participation & contribution page and the Group Application, bottom of page 2. We can also make the employee premium portion tax-deductible using section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code

      Here’s the Blue Cross brochure for group plans.

      Yours and Jason’s coverage can switch over so would be a function of participation there’s no pre-existing condition clause so your medical problems are not an issue and there’s no waiting. Plus that would make yours and Jason’s and the kids coverage is tax-deductible which it’s truly not a deduction now even if you have been taking it as coverage has to be offered to the employees I have that documentation on my website if you want me to send it to you or you can just navigate there from the employer link above

  3. In terms of surgeries, do all surgeries usually require a prior authorization?

    Could you provide us with hospitals in Los Angeles County that are in network with Anthem?

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