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CA DOI says rate increase is excessive, but doesn’t have authority, no Prop 45.  I disagree… MLR Medical Loss Ratio Rate Regulation calculation Procedures

Aetna 2015 2014?  Small Group Plan Guide

E enrollment – Mandatory in 8.2012

Power Point
How to fill out enrollment forms



Aetna Small Group Health Insurance INSTANT
Quotes for California

We are Aetna Authorized Agents and are happy to help you get  coverage at no extra charge to you. Aetna compensates us to help you. Click here for some of the many benefits that an agent/broker  can provide to the public. 

Plan Guide 2014 – Pending Regulatory Approval
Plan Guide 2013   70 Pages
Instant EmployER QuotesAetna - CA Plan Guide
Includes Underwriting Guidelines

Forms & Documents
Aetna Group - Forms and Documents

E enrollment – Mandatory in 8.2012

Renewal Procedures
Renewal Procedures

Power Point
How to fill out enrollment forms
How to complete enrollment forms


Aetna Individual & Families
Aetna Individual Plans

Section 125  POP plan =  employee’s contributions are Tax Deductible.
125 POP

Aetna  Provider – Doctor MD Finder
Aetna Provider and Doctor Finder

Administrative Handbook
Aetna Administrative Handbook

Aetna’s Website on Living Healthier
Aetna Intilli Health


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