Aetna 2015 Plan Guide – Authorized Agent – No charge for our services
Aetna Provider and Doctor Finder
Aetna Doctor Finder
How to complete enrollment forms
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We are Aetna Group Health Plan Authorized Agents and are happy to help you get  coverage at no extra charge to you. Aetna compensates us to help you.

This page is not up to date.  Click here for complementary quote and current brochures.

Click here for some of the many benefits that an agent/broker  can provide to the public.

Aetna 2015 Small Group Plan Guide

2016 Draft Plan Guide


Resources & Links

Aetna  Provider – Doctor MD Finder

SBC – Summary of Benefits

Section 125  POP plan =  employee’s contributions are Tax Deductible.

Cost of Health Care – Member Payment Estimator

Aetna to purchase Humana 7.3.2015 Aetna Press Release

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