Will Health Reform eliminate COBRA & HIPAA?

We believe that in 1.1.2014 there will no longer be a need for COBRA & HIPAA, as everything will be guaranteed issue  with no pre-existing conditions.

A few people have contacted me about getting a notice from Pacificare that their HIPAA policy will not be renewed.

I figured that there would be no more HIPAA in 2014 as everything is guaranteed issue, with no pre X.PHSA 2704 (a), 42 USC 300 gg IRC 9815 ERISA 715 national underwriter.com Health Reform Facts Q & A 252 This is the 1st of heard of any company taking official action. It may also be, that since Pacificare is not writing business in CA anymore and they are not interested in simply offering new coverage.

Here’s what I have so far on what will be available in October for January 2014:

Tax Credits and Subsidies

This tool should tell you all your options, including subsidies, when it’s ready.

Quotes for new plans on my website…

I’m reviewing AB 1461 right now…..

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