Procedures to get Cal COBRA & COBRA

Since everything now is Guaranteed Issue with No Pre-X under Health Care Reform, consider going on an Individual Plan,


Even if it’s NOT Open Enrollment, there is Special Enrollment.  Under Special Enrollment, your coverage is the first of the month after you apply, rather than the crazy 15th and miss a month deadlineEmails dated 1.21.2015 2:07 PM

Your Employer’s Insurance Company should  send you the paperwork to sign up.  In larger companies it may be the HR department,  the owner of the business or the person in charge of the Insurance.  If you have any problems, getting them to understand that you’re entitled to COBRA or CAL COBRA just tell them to take a look at the Law, or this website.

One advantage to COBRA vs Obamacare, might be better Provider Lists.   Click here for quotes on CA GUARANTEED Issue Individual & Family PlansNationwide   Loss of Minimum Essential Coverage – Employer Coverage is a Qualifying Event.

We are unable to assist you in signing  up or applying  for  COBRA or CAL COBRA, unless your Employer is a client of ours.   You need to contact your former employer, their HR Department, their Insurance Provider or COBRA Administrator…

If you’re a client of ours, then we can get you the forms to complete and send to the Insurance Company, to notify them of a  qualifying event i.e., the employee no longer works there.   The Insurance Company, will then send an “offer” – notification of COBRA rights, premiums, etc. to the former employee or dependent.  If you want us to write the letter for you… that would be a $125 consultation fee.

Kaiser ♦  Small Group Forms ♦ COBRA Info SheetCOBRA Enrollment Form

401 K Rollover?

Blue Shield Cal Cobra Form
blue shield
Election Forms
Cal COBRA Election Forms
See also page 20 of Blue Shield Group Administrators Manual

Check here for forms

View our Small Group Employer Website and find the Administrative Manuals on procedures to enroll in COBRA.

Find your Evidence of Coverage, SAMPLE,  and you can get TONS of detail
pdf search

At one time there was  Senior COBRA (allowed for terminated employees over age 60 to be covered until age 65 – Medicare eligibility) but that was eliminated under AB 254 effective 1/2005, except for those who already have it.

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