Annual Proof that you’re in compliance with

participation rules

Insurance Companies may enforce their participation rules  and the new Health Reform definition of small employer needing at least one bonifide non spousal employee when you 1st apply.   Here’s some information on what Renewal enforcement might consist of:

Renewal questionnaires are sporadic with most companies, with Cal Choice almost always requiring recertification.

For more details check the Administration page for the Insurance Company you are with.

UHC United Health Care
Participation Audit

Do you have a high enough percentage of employees covered?

Are you a bonified business?

Questions about your Eligibility Audit?

Please contact Risk Management at:

1-877-504-1179 x 37754

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  1. Hi Steve –

    I may have to lay off some of my employees or cut their hours – including mine, because of the COVID 19 & Quarantine.

    If I cut my hours or have no hours altogether, and continue paying the Kaiser medical insurance, am I or any of my laid off employees still covered as long as continue to pay the insurance?

    Kind Regards,


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