AB 1672 & 1083 Small Group
Qualification Rules for Medical Insurance

AB 1083 (2012 Monning) will update AB 1672 to comply with Obamacare PPACA. Insurance Code 10753 et seq

Here’s all you need to do to  get affordable guaranteed health & medical coverage for your Employer group of 2 or more workers, eligible for say the last 1/2 of the last quarter. Husband and wife groups count, if BOTH are working in the business. One spouse could even have other QUALIFYING coverageREGARDLESS of the Health Status of the owners or employees!!! (AB 1672§10705 gSB 572  SB 578)

Prior to ACA/Obamacare – The worst that can happen is your group gets surcharged 10% over the Standard Rates.  If you have a good claims history and more employees, it could be a 10% discount. (§10700(u)RAF (Risk Adjustment factor))

Employees can share in the cost of the premium.  Contact us for details, after getting your FREE quote.

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Typical Paper Work to start  coverage.?

  1. DE 9 Quarterly State Tax Withholding Statement, or Proof in Biz… If the owners, partners are not on Payroll.
    Learn More – about reporting payroll.

  2. A copy of your FREE, no obligation quote.
    Instant EmployER Quotes

  3. The Small Group Employer Application (Master Application). including the COBRA/FMLA/Cal-COBRA questionnaire, if applicable.

  4. Employees and Dependents Applications

  5. Signed declinations  for those not enrolling.

  6. If your group had prior coverage – a copy of the previous  month’s group premium statement.

  7. Company check for the first month’s premium

For more specific detail on each Insurance Company – See menu above

Consumer Links

Are you required to get Health Insurance for your Employees?
Obama’s Plan

Disability Benefits 101.org

Can an employer offer an Individual Plan to a couple of employees and everyone else take the Group Plan?

Learn More

DE 6 & 9

Requirements by Type of Business Structure

Qualification for Enrollee's not on DE 9
Rules for those not on DE 6 or 9 (i.e. Corp Officer, Sole Proprietor, Partner)

Time in Biz

Minimum Length of Time in Business – per §10700 w, with 2 or more employees on payroll in simple language is 3 months…
Insurance Company Interpretations
Soonest one can get coverage for a NEW business.

If you have to wait – check out:

Short Term Plans,
HIPAA from prior employment?

The Small Group Reform Act – AB 1672 does not allow Medical Underwriting.  Therefore, the Insurance Companies look REAL hard, at if your really a bonafide business.

Insurance Company Checklists for forms, processing time and other requirements
See Menu Above

There is some variance in how some companies interpret  Employer  CA Insurance Code  §10700 (w)
Blue Cross Forms for Start Up Company

Flow Chart - Requirements to Prove Business Eligibility 
Flow Chart for AB 1672 proof of bonified business and employees

Reference - Please check with us on latest AB 1083 Requirements

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