Paperwork & Proof Requirements

Health Care Reform – AB 1083 has pretty much has the SAME requirements to prove that your business, as the CA law before Obamacare.  This is you must prove your a bonifide Employer, with bonified common law employees and owner’s who are really working 30+ hours, the same as before under AB 1672.  Don’t forget, the Insurance Companies are mandated to write you a policy without regard to yours or your employees health status or if your business is even making a profit.

Here’s SHOP’s Employer application which on page 2 has a nice simple matrix to show you what documents are needed for each type of business structure, proprietorship, corporation, llc, etc.  Or just scroll down and view it in a inline frame.

Please send, (email, [email protected]  or 1st class mail)  those to us for review to help you make sure you qualify.

Please be sure to read our introduction page on proofs required.

Steve Shorr Explanation of Participation Rules Pre - ACA

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Proofs Required for each time of Business Configuration
Click here to view the pdf without the frame

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