DE 9 Payroll Reporting Tax Form
DE 6 (Historical) or 9
Flow Chart for AB 1672 proof of bonified business and employees
Flow Chart – Requirements to Prove Business Eligibility – Reference – Please check with us on latest AB 1083 Requirements
Franchise Tax Board - Forms of Ownership # 1123
Franchise Tax Board – Forms of Ownership # 1123
Rules Summary - Requires Broker Password
Rules Summary – Requires Broker Password

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DE  9 Requirement Small Group Insurance – AB 1672 & 1083 Health Care Reform

The Insurance Companies also use the payroll tax reporting form DE 9 to verify:

Please be sure to mark off next to each employee’s name their current employment status.  That is, part timer, new employees, terminated, etc.  If any  for owners – partners are not listed have them complete the Attestation form.

If you do not have the most recent DE 6 or 9, we can try submitting your most recent payroll records

See also our page on what if you do not have tax records.

Links & Resources

1099 Employee vs. Independent Contractor Rules

Employment Development Department  – EDD Employers Guide  137 Pages

de 9 .pdf   Company Information

de 9 c.pdf Employee Information

Personal Income Tax Wages # 231

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    • Many California employees received a raise on January 1, 2019 when the state increased the minimum wage to $12 per hour for large employers (26 employees or more) and $11 per hour for small employers (25 employees or fewer).

      Effective July 1, 2019, several counties and municipalities in California are adding to these minimum wage increases. Click here for chart

      California employees may NOT agree to receive a wage lower than the applicable minimum wage.

      The minimum wage is an absolute floor on wages in California. Like other important California wage and hour laws such as California overtime laws, minimum wage laws may not be waived by agreement between employers and employees.

  1. Nobody can find the DE 9 at the people that does doctor’s taxes. He says he can give us a copy of our W-2s and if that will work we’ll do that, but I don’t know what this DE 9 really is. And if you could fax me a blank one and we could fill it out. I don’t know how that works. Give me some ideas I’d appreciate it. You can leave me a voicemail if I’m not here but I’ll be here till 2:30.

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