DE  9 Requirement Small Group Insurance – AB 1672 & 1083 Health Care Reform

The Insurance Companies also use the payroll tax reporting form to verify:

Please be sure to mark off next to each employee’s name their current employment status.  That is, part timer, new employees, terminated, etc.  If any  for owners – partners are not listed have them complete the Attestation form.

If you do not have the most recent DE 6 or 9, we can try submitting your most recent payroll records

See also our page on what if you do not have tax records.

Links & Resources

1099 Employee vs. Independent Contractor Rules

Employment Development Department  – EDD Employers Guide  137 Pages

de 9 .pdf   Company Information de 9 c.pdf Employee Information Personal Income Tax Wages # 231

DE 9 Payroll Reporting Tax Form
DE 6 (Historical) or 9
Flow Chart for AB 1672 proof of bonified business and employees
Flow Chart – Requirements to Prove Business Eligibility – Reference – Please check with us on latest AB 1083 Requirements
Franchise Tax Board - Forms of Ownership # 1123
Franchise Tax Board – Forms of Ownership # 1123
Rules Summary - Requires Broker Password
Rules Summary – Requires Broker Password

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  1. Nobody can find the DE 9 at the people that does doctor’s taxes. He says he can give us a copy of our W-2s and if that will work we’ll do that, but I don’t know what this DE 9 really is. And if you could fax me a blank one and we could fill it out. I don’t know how that works. Give me some ideas I’d appreciate it. You can leave me a voicemail if I’m not here but I’ll be here till 2:30.

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