Here are the participation rules under AB 1672 enacted in 1992.  Proofs – Listing on DE 9 – Rules from AB 1672 DE 9 DE 9c

Historical Information

With the Individual  Mandate  in place, somehow I think participation rules will be a lot different than under AB 1672.  I have not heard of anything in the wind yet.

SHOP has announced a 70% participation rule.  So those carriers would have to follow that, in and out of Covered CA.   I’m waiting to hear on the off exchange products.  Things should be here very shortly.   Check our quote engine

are calculated by the number of eligible employees that enroll or  Participate in an Employer Groups along with the minimum Employer Premium Contribution for  are mandated under Insurance Code §10706.

Rules by Carrier

Broker ONLY


Small Group Rules CHFC Website
RAF Rating Factors under AB 1672 – Circa 1992, prior to Health Care Reform



Simple explanation of AB 1672 & Rating Adjustment Factors (RAF) CHCF Site

Liability Warning (Case Law) – be sure to add all eligible employees or get declination letters.

Blue Cross Application
Excerpt of Questionnaire from Group Application

 Enforcement of Participation Rules in the Application