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Myth vs Fact  – Ancillary Benefits
Tax Facts on Small Business & Individuals - Click to order - or email us your questions... We can look up authoritative answers
2016 Tax Facts on Small Business & Individuals – Click to order – or email us your questions… We can look up authoritative answers – we have other resources too

Management Carve Out’s (MCO) Plans, 

Executive Medical  – is where managers, owners and key employees can get better coverage than other workers – similarly situated individuals – employees. 

In the past there must have been bona fide employment-based classifications. 

It’s a very complex issue as  Health Care Reform §2716 Salary Discrimination appears to totally prohibit MCO’s.  This includes a single employer or affiliated companies (common ownership).  

However,  Notice 2011-1 states that §2716 will not be enforced until final rules are issued.

Health Insurance and most employee benefits the premiums are Tax Deductible with  no taxation on the benefits, under IRS  Section §106.

♦  Benefit Malls Explanation  

♦ Aetna FAQ’s & Explanation is an excellent reference source, including information on Grand Fathered plans.

We do not know of any Insurance Companies that will do a Carve Out for other than Union/Non Union employees, where the union employees have coverage through their union  Email dated 1.9.2016 11:58 AM    Participation rules and all.


Long Term Care, Dental and other coverages are still OK.  See the chart at right on Myths vs Fact for dental & vision coverage for more info.  

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Check out the Option during Annual Open Enrollment 11.15 to 12.15 where there are NO Participation rules!

Business Expenses Publication #535

Employer’s Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits Publication #15-B pdf html

1.21.2014 New York Times enforcement rules to remain elusive…

Making health care reform by Blue Cross

Our Webpage on Medical Expense Reimbursement Internal Revenue Code §105  – Actual Code

Technical Links

Tax Facts on Life & Health Insurance  & 2016 Health Reform Facts —  Rules on Corp. Officer and Highly Compensated Employees Discrimination, etc.  Send us your questions and we can look up the codes and interpretations, but cannot give you tax or legal advise.

Relevant Codes – mentioned on Salary Discrimination – Management Carve Outs – Executive Medical

IRC 105 h – Our webpage – pdf of code § 105

Public Health Services Act 2716 0ur Webpage

Erisa §715 – Right to keep Grand Fathered Plan

IRC §9815 – Additional Market Reforms

IRC §4980 H – Shared Responsibility – Employer Mandate   –   Guidance Notice 2015-17 Health Coverage Reimbursement

Regulation 1.105-11 (c) – Prohibited Discrimination Self Insured Medical Reimbursement Plan

IRS Notice 2011-1 states that §2716 will not be enforced until final rules are issued.

Wraparound coverage to qualify as an excepted benefit Learn More⇒  Federal Register Vol 80 # 52 –  3.18.2015

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Section 105 Medical Expense Reimbursement





Cannot write a carve-out class of a Small Employer Group in the states of Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas Virginia, Wisconsin or Wyoming (expressly prohibited by their state law). compass consulting inc

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