See MAIN Employer Definition Page for entire law…

§10753  (q) (1) “Small employer” Health Care Reform —  Non Grandfathered Plans  AB 1083  means either of the following:

NOPE – See HR 1624 Below!!!  However, CA could do it on their own

For plan years commencing on or after January 1, 2016, any person, firm, proprietary or nonprofit corporation, partnership, public agency, or association that is actively engaged in business or service, that, on at least 50 percent of its working days during the preceding calendar quarter or preceding calendar year, employed at least one, but no more than 100, eligible employees,

[Blue Cross FAQ’s 4.14.2015]  There might be large premium increases as these groups go into the Small Group Market – where rating factors are limited and may lose large group purchasing power, discounts and group’s experience. Blue Shield Bulletin 7.9.2015    Click here for our Excel census form for your FREE Quote in CA or enter it ONLINE.

Blue Shield FAQ’s

[Some companies say one employee who could waive off if they have other group coverage and others say a common law employee MUST enroll.  Email us [email protected] for a specific answer in your situation.  See Participation Requirements]

Legislation might be coming to change this  CA Healthline 9.21.2015

HR 1624 just passed  – President Obama just signed it CA Healthline 10.8.2015   Background CA Health Line 9.21.2015

SB 125 – CA adopts FT/FTE method to determine small group eligibility, same as ACA

Kaiser 10.8.2015 Agent Bulletin,  CAHU  and CA Healthline 10.20.2015  Health Net   says definition already set in CA under AB 1083 and they are going ahead with the transition of 51 to 100 to Small Group.


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