Both my wife and I have S-Corps, my wife has been operating for over 10 years. I recently became an S-Corp. (We both work a psychotherapists).

My wife’s S-Corp has three employee currently. I am an employee as well as as our daughter.

***Since you have a non-spousal employee, your daughter we may be able to do it.

We are all paid thru the S-corp.

Can we qualify for health insurance as a small business?

***Since you have a non – spousal employee, it should be good.   Please send your DE 9 and whatever proofs you have handy to show you are a business.

We were able two year ago.

Has the law changed?

***Yes!! Here’s details.   I have your census information, if you want a quote just let me know.  Website visitors can enter their census here both online and excel for quotes 24/7.

Thank You

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